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BabySav is a solution that will touch 1000’s of people per location vs. the limited deployment of other solutions (They are placed on all entrances of buildings, homes, stores, etc vs. a single car)

BabySav compliments the other solutions while filling the gaps

BabySav is a solution that will touch 1000’s of people per location vs. the limited deployment of other solutions (They are placed on all entrances of buildings, homes, stores, etc vs. a single car)

BabySav solutions does not require anyone to activate or maintain

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Samaritan Hot Car Law

HB2494 civil liability; minors; vehicles
Samaritan Hot Car Law Fact Sheet

There is no exact accounting of how many children in Arizona are left each year to fend for themselves in a hot car. But we are all familiar with cases where the worst happens and a child dies. Similarly, we don’t know how many animals find themselves in that same predicament, but every year, scores of animals are locked in cars sweltering in the Arizona sun. Many die.

Click the link to learn more about the Samaritan Hot Car Law and learn the facts.


“Look Before You Lock,” a campaign Kids and Cars recommends that encourages people to check the backseat of their vehicles before they lock their cars. And according to CBS Philly, the HOT CARS Act of 2017 has been introduced in Washington, D.C., and it would require cars to have technology that would alert drivers that someone is still in the backseat when the car is switched off.

Of course, both suggestions are important developments in the struggle to prevent hot car deaths, but BabySav stickers might go one step further. The stickers would act as an unconscious reminder, and not rely on technology or driving habits. Since they can be placed anywhere, their reach is unprecedented.

– Josie Rhodes Cook, Romper.com


I ordered it after seeing it advertised on our local news station. I purchased it for my husbnd’s store & he put it up right away!!!! The Walmart store manager José Vargas in Tucson, Arizona located on Drexel & Tucson blvd supports baby sav!!!!!
Thank you for all you do!!!!!

– Vargas/Frias Family, Wal-Mart

louLou MolinariFounder of BabySav About BabySavOver the past several decades, Lou Molinari, Founder of BabySav – a non-profit organization, has listened to the horrific news of children and pets dying in hot vehicles which seems to occur weekly, throughout the country and across the globe. In 2003 Lou developed a “simple” technological solution. He had prototypes built, made a public release, and was ready for patenting, yet the market feedback was “no one wants to admit they MIGHT forget their kid in the car, so why should I buy?!” With children and grandchildren of his own he has always been passionate in trying to help resolve this issue. As an Engineer and Product Development Manager, Lou is always looking to find solutions to difficult problems, and has always found ways to resolve un-solvable problems by thinking outside the box. This problem is no different. “There must be a solution,” he recently stated, then developed the premise on focusing on the missing area of attention to the problem: AWARENESS. Babysav will be focused on AWARENESS, as this is the area that will have a greatest impact to resolving this problem, because it will be seen by all. Lou and all of us at BabySav agree that each area of focus: Technology, Legislation and Education, are needed, and all needs to keep evolving, and that is want Babysav will do.

Lost Lives in 2017 to Date

News on Hot Car Deaths


Texas gets first hot car death this year


1-year-old Boy Dies After Being Left in Hot Car in Alabama


3-year-old dies in hot car; first hot car death this year in Louisiana

CBS 5:

Valley Man Tries To Prevent Hot Car Deaths


Child dies after being left in hot car by half-sister


Queensland weather: Police dog dies from heat stroke


Ballarat children’s lives at risk in hot cars


Proposed state bill: Passersby could break into hot cars to save kids, pets

12 NEWS:

Couple arrested after leaving child in hot car gamble


Baby found dead in hot car in Peoria, AZ


Summers over but another baby has died


A one-year-old Texas boy dies after being left in a car all day


Four young children died in four days in separate hot-car incidents


6-month-old boy dies after being left in car for 9 hours


682 children have died in hot cars since 1998


Police officer forgets infant son in a car